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pls can you add 32 bit version pls

hey, i just play this game with my friend and it was really awesome, hope many people know this game, this game is really awesome

Thank youuuuu!!!!

Amazing game and concept.... the work on it is truly stellar.
The fact that this was all made by you is truly surprising... I am not a dev, but I do want to give you huge props on your work :)

if you are open to a quick review, here are somethings that a couple of friends and I thought about the game:

What we liked

  • The concept is unique
  • There is something hilarious about fighting appliances
  • Stages are big enough to explore
  • Playing online seems easy and straightforward
  • No lag was present and we were all from different parts of the world so that's great.

What we wish the game could have

  • The gameplay is fun, it would help if there was a way to adjust the time limits for the main battle mode in the game so that it's not as long (10 minutes can take a bit long).
  • The fighting mechanics are neat, but at times it can be a bit janky. Some polishing in the movement/fight mechanics could help it shine more.
  • More game modes in the future would be neat... Survival mode is nice, but I feel that other modes that encourage the stage exploration would be cool. Water is hard to find, and at times trying to find a user in a big map like the house can feel like a chore.

What we would recommend

  • One of the things I feel would make the game match the wild and uniqueness is to add a bit more variety in the combat goes. For example, it is easier to gang up on a user and just button smash someone to death. This could be easier by adding a mechanism where when punched or special punched you're launched out in the air (think of it kinda like how in Smash bros. you get punched a way  your damage percentage increases) so that a character is not stuck.
  • The time that it takes to do a taunt or for attacks to be triggered is a bit slower, which I feel can hinder gameplay.
  • Much like how the doors can be destroyed, it would be cool to see if it's possible to also destroy elements in the game, this could help a lot when it comes to traveling long maps and add a level of madness. Walls, surrounding, floor tiling... 
  • Graphical optimization - The game ran at bellow 30fps and most of our systems were pretty beefy... Maybe some graphical optimization could help the game feel more crisp and responsive.
  • The fridge is too OP lol which is fine, but some balance with the other appliances would be neat.

Just know that all these notes come from a place of love, since we do like this game! We wish this game can continue to grow <3


Hey there! Thank you very much for the helpful feedback!

I'll consider all your suggestions, many of which are in my list of improvements, I've been developing this game in my spare time and I'll continue to do so, but it's a really slow process! :) At the moment, unfortunately, is only a playable concept.

Thanks again!

hey bro, is this the new update

hey! last update was a month ago (more or less)

It is unique and beautiful!

Thank you!!!! :)


very very good game, can't wait for the new update

Hi! Thank you very much for your comment  :-)

But, I'm so sorry to tell you that I'm not going to update the game any time soon, I just started working full time now.

I'll continue working on it sporadically tho, so maybe a new update will be release at the end of the year.

hmmm, okay, i think that you will become a very very good developer, i hope this game will be more popular because it is so good

Thanks! I hope it will be more popular too, so I can start working on it full time!