A downloadable game for Windows and Android

House Arena is a multiplayer party game where unique cartoony appliances fight for survival in their own environment

NOTE: This game is under active development and is an EARLY ACCESS title.

Choose your favorite appliance and start fighting against the other opponents with friendly weapons and unique attacks! Choose carefully your character and have fun with it!

The game supports up to 8 players online, but you can also challenge yourself by fighting against the bots! But watch out, they can be really dangerous!

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If you register a new account while the game is in Early Access,
you will get 1000 Free Coins!

Character Personalisation

The more you play the more “Warranty” you earn.
The Warranty period is needed to unlock the different customisations!

Power Ups

Find the Power-Ups you need the most, they can help you to survive longer:

  • Heart: it restores the health to 100%
  • Shield: it restores the shield to 100%
  • Lighting Bolt: it gives you enough Stamina to perform one Special Attack
  • Diamond: nobody can hurt you
  • Rocket: speed boost
  • Fire: double damage
  • Ghost: you become invisible
  • Water, Fruits, Tablets: don’t forget to look out for ammo… Yes, your character can also shoot! But keep in mind that every appliance needs different ammo


The game supports keyboard and mouse, PS4 and XBox controllers and any standard joypad. Touch-screen controllers are also available for mobile / touch-screen devices.

You can select your controllers under Settings then the Controllers. Only the joypad buttons are configurable.

Further development…

If I’ll have enough positive feedback from the gamers, I’ll continue developing House Arena with new exciting characters and arenas where you can have fun

  • More Arena maps
  • At least 10 characters
  • Improve the rooms of the Flats Arena
  • The appearance of White and Black ghosts
  • Dangerous pets
  • Create a private/custom match
  • Multi-language
  • Leaderboards
  • Game mode: Tutorial, Teams, Capture the Flag
  • Buy Coin

Made by one person

I want to complete the game on my own, and realise all the features and characters that I have in mind, but it will take a long time as I work on this on my spare time.

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***Limited time offer! ***

If you register a new account while the game is in Early Access, you will not pay for the game when the official release will be published!


Android v0.9.9 170 MB
Windows v0.9.9 143 MB

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